Leading Practitioners Award

The Leading Practitioners Award is presented to honor an attorney for improving the lives of the members of the LGBTQ+ community through outstanding legal work, demonstrated by a longstanding commitment to providing legal services of a high quality to the LGBTQ+ community; by commitment to significant pro bono work for the LGBTQ+ community; or by leadership in significant impact litigation while engaged in the private practice of law.

Previous Winners:

  • 2018 | Lavender Law - New York City

    Elizabeth Schwartz – Elizabeth F. Schwartz, P.A.

    Zack Paakkonen – Portland Legal, LLC

  • 2017 | Lavender Law - San Francisco

    Debra E. Guston – Guston and Guston, LLP

    Heather Fann – Fann Law, LLC

  • 2016 | Lavender Law - Washington, D.C.

    Noemi Masliah – The Masliah Firm
    Cynthia Barrett – Cynthia Barrett, Attorney at Law

  • 2015 | Lavender Law - Chicago

    Bridget Wilson – The Dean Law Group, APLC

  • 2014 | Lavender Law – New York

    Carol Buell, Partner, Weiss, Buell & Buell

    Judith Turkel, Turkel Forman LLP

  • 2013 | Lavender Law – San Francisco

    Bill Singer, Partner, Singer & Fedun, LLC