Judicial Nuts & Bolts: A Fast-Paced Academy for Judicial Candidates Application

This intensive workshop provides serious candidates planning to seek a judicial position in the next three years – either through appointment or election – with a foundation in those processes, as well as small-group mentoring from current LGBT judges with experience in partisan, non-partisan, and appointment procedures.

Attendance is by application only and space is limited; the Academy will be capped at 25 attendees. Please note that we only accept serious candidates who have already decided to become a candidate for a judicial seat within the next 1-3 years. The application will become active in late Spring of 2019.

The Academy provides an overview of valuable information, including:

  • Fundraising Realities
  • How to Build a Campaign Staff
  • How to Effectively Network
  • How to Balance An Ongoing Law Practice with Campaign Obligations (for both public and private employees)
  • How to Respond if Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity Becomes An Issue
  • Ethical Constraints

Attendees have significant small-group time with a current judge for conversation about the pathway to the specific jurisdictions identified as being of interest, as well as networking time with other prospective candidates.

Membership in the National LGBT Bar and advance registration at Lavender Law is MANDATORY for all Nuts & Bolts Academy participants. You may join here. If you are a current member of a local affiliate LGBT Bar Association, you are entitled to a 50% membership discount with the National LGBT Bar. To request the affiliate discount code or to apply for a needs-based scholarship for the Lavender Law conference, write to Judi O’Kelley at judi@lgbtbar.org.