Member Spotlight

National LGBT Bar Association member Jennifer Fairfax first learned about the LGBT Bar from a friend who suggested she attend Lavender Law®, the Bar’s Annual Conference and Career Fair. After learning more about the organization, Jennifer became a member “because she cares about the community and advancing the law.” As a lawyer dedicated to helping LGBT families, it was a natural fit.

Jennifer’s career is defined by her passion for family law, specifically when it comes to expanding families. For her, practicing law is about “helping people get to a better place with the challenges they are facing.” She began her career twenty years ago working at a law firm where she focused on family law and the LGBT community – something that wasn’t common at the time. When Jennifer later moved to another firm, she made it clear that she wanted to work solely in family building within the LGBT community. About ten years ago, Jennifer narrowed her interest further by opening her own practice so that she could “focus on adoption and ART (assisted reproductive technology) exclusively.” Now, in addition to helping her clients grow their families, Jennifer also works with legislators to extend civil rights for every family in the LGBT community and beyond.

The National LGBT Bar Association is an invaluable resource for Jennifer, who has attended multiple Lavender Law Conferences and is a member of the Family Law Institute. “No other group in the world can answer questions like this group of attorneys,” says Jennifer, who recommends the Bar to anyone practicing in the LGBT community. Not only does it provide networking and educational opportunities, but many clients can be confident that she is “passionate about this community” and know that they are working with an expert. Especially as a family lawyer, this credibility is important to Jennifer because her work is “so personal.” Clients “need to trust you” and a good relationship between client and attorney is vital to success.

More than anything, Jennifer recommends that other lawyers “enjoy the type of law that [they] are doing.” The reason behind this is simple: “it makes you a better person, spouse, and attorney for your clients.”

The LGBT Bar is proud to have Jennifer Fairfax as a member. Her passion for the law and commitment to providing familial rights for everyone is inspiring.