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Author: Mari Nemec

Toby Adams

Toby Adams is a member of the National LGBT Bar Association and the founder and Executive Director of Intersex & Genderqueer Recognition Project (IGRP). She also has a solo practice where she provides alternative-family legal needs to people in the LGBTQ+, poly, and disability communities. In 2009, Toby attended her first Lavender Law® Conference and […]

Daniel Franklin

This past October, Daniel Franklin, a New York-based lawyer focusing on labor and employment at O’Melveny & Myers LLP, rounded out his tenth year as counsel and leader of the New York/DC LGBTQ employee network at the firm. Daniel has cultivated a dynamic practice in the last decade, and his connection to the National LGBT […]

How Bisexuality Helps Secure Sex Discrimination Protections

You may have heard the phrase, “if you’re queer, you can get married one day and fired from your job the next.”  It’s a catchy talking point, but it’s actually not true. It is not the case that, in the United States, LGBT people can legally get married one day and fired the next.  Why not?  Not just because many […]

Norma Barnes-Euresti

The opportunity to make a difference in a positive way is the best thing about a career in law for Norma Barnes-Euresti, a current board member of the LGBT Bar Foundation. “I see work as a ‘calling’ and not just a job,” she says. “We must always ask ourselves, how can I best serve?” This […]

What Polyamorous & Multi-Parent Families Should Do to Protect their Rights

We hope you enjoy this latest installment of the LGBT Family Law Institute’s Blog. This piece is written by Diana Adams (pictured above). In early 2019, Diana Adams will be launching a new legal nonprofit to serve polyamorous families, multi-parent families, LGBTQ families, and other families of choice. To receive a notice about the launch of this project […]

An Interview with Judge Mike Jacobs – The Nation’s First Openly Bisexual Judge

Please enjoy this interview with the United States’ first openly bisexual judge – LGBT Bar member Judge Mike Jacobs. This interview with Judge Jacobs was conducted, compiled, and edited by Nancy Marcus. Tell me a little about yourself. “I am a judge on the State Court of DeKalb County, a trial court of original jurisdiction […]

Candelario Saldana

Candelario Saldana, a high achieving student at the University of Miami School of Law, is active in the National LGBT Bar Association and his school’s LGBTQ+ student organization, OUTLaw. However, for Candelario, a career in law was never a guarantee. After graduating with a B.A. in Political Science and a B.A. in Gender Studies from […]

Jason Burch

LGBT Bar Board Member Jason Burch didn’t always plan on practicing law. “I was originally a professional baseball player,” he says. “When I got injured I started considering other things to do and chose policy and government. That sparked my interest in law, especially public law.” In exploring new opportunities, Jason benefitted from the connections […]