Employment Law Institute

2019 Employment Law Institute Program and Schedule

Please return in Spring of 2019 for more information regarding the 2019 Employment Law Institute program and schedule. Below is the program and description of the 2018 Employment Law Institute Program and Schedule. 

The 2018 Employment Law Institute will be held in New York City on August 10 as part of the National LGBT Bar Association’s 30th Annual Lavender Law® Conference & Career Fair.  The Institute is a space for the leading legal minds involved with labor and employment law, as it pertains to the LGBT community, to share ideas and network.

This year the Employment Law Institute is adopting a new format. Rather than participants just being “talked to”, the focus of the Institute will shift to an “unconference” session in the morning. We’ll divide the labor and employment lawyers attendees into two groups: one for employee/plaintiff/government-side attorneys, and another for employer/management/defense-side attorneys.

The two groups will participate in participant-driven discussion focusing on practical tips and ideas for their respective practices. The plaintiff/government side is being moderated by Felicia Medina of Medina Orthwein, and Eduardo Juarez of the EEOC.  The defense/management side is being moderated by Denise Visconti of Littler and Nick Clements of Lyft.

After the breakout, both groups will come back together for joint discussion.
The Institute will conclude with a panel entitled “The Future of Fair-Minded Employment Law,” featuring Diana Flynn of Lambda Legal and Mike Jackson of Target.  The panel will be moderated by Sam Schwartz-Fenwick of Seyfarth Shaw.

To create an environment that encourages the free flow of information, registration is limited. The meeting will be closed and the proceedings will not be recorded.

To help guarantee that the level of discourse remains elevated, and to ensure that all participants are able to contribute meaningfully to the conversation, we are asking that interested parties submit their information on the application when available. Apply here

For approved applicants, the cost to attend the Employment Law Institute is included in the registration fee for the Annual Conference.

CLE Materials

9:00am-9:05am Welcome and Opening Remarks
Speakers: Michael Stevens, Seyfarth Shaw, ELI planning chair
9:05am-10:15am Breakout Discussions
Speakers: Felicia Medina, Eduardo Juarez, Denise Visconti, and Nick Clements
10:15am-10:45am Joint Discussion
10:45am-11:00am Break
11:00am-12:15pm Keynote Panel: “The Future of Fair-Minded Employment Law”
Speakers: Diana Flynn and Mike Jackson, Moderated by Sam Schwartz-Fenwick
12:15pm-12:30pm Concluding Thoughts