2018 Sponsorship Opportunities

The 2018 Lavender Law® Conference & Career Fair will be held August 8-10, 2018 at The New York Marriott Marquis Hotel. The Career Fair will take place on the afternoon of Friday, August 10. To view the full sponsorship prospectus, click here. A list of sponsorship levels and benefits for 2018 are also listed below:

Please email conference@lgbtbar.org for registration questions or John Westfall-Kwong at john@lgbtbar.org if you need additional information.

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  • Our 2018 Sponsors

Sponsor BenefitsPlatinum
Premium Table Placement at Career Fair
Business Development Intensive Registration442125% off
Full Page, Color, inside cover*Full Page, ColorFull Page, B&WFull Page, B&WHalf Page, B&WHalf Page, B&WEighth Page, B&WEighth Page, B&W
One Promotional Item (Swag) in Welcome Bag *
Job Postings *90% off70% off60% off50% off20% off15% off10% off5% off
Out & Proud Tickets *6654321
VIP Sponsor Breakfast with Corporate Counsel *643221
Access to Corporate Counsel Speed Networking *54332
Opportunity to apply early for a workshop panel and corresponding session recognition *3211
Listing with Exclusive Sponsored Event in Program Book
Logo Placement on home page of Lavender Law website
Speaking Opportunity
Logo Projected at Designated Sponsored Event (Gobo)


    • Title Sponsor of a Bar at Reception w/ Signature Drink (2) *
    • $15,000

    • Title Sponsor of Mobile App *
    • $15,000

    • Practice Area * Institute Sponsor
    • $15,000 - 25,000

    • Title Sponsor of Wifi *
    • $20,000

    • Title Sponsor of "Welcome" Banner *
    • $10,000

    • Title Sponsor of Hotel Room Key *
    • $15,000

    • Title Sponsor of "See You Next Year" Banner *
    • $10,000

    • Title Sponsor of Coffee Break (1 per day) *
    • $10,000

    • Lanyard & Badge Sponsor (1 each) *
    • $10,000

    • Charging Station Sponsor (4) *
    • $5,000

    • Column Wraps (6)
    • $4,000

    • Banner Display on Meeting Floors (8) *
    • $3,000

    • Title Sponsor of Breakout Session *
    • $2,500

    • Full Page B&W Ad in Program Book
    • $2,000

    • Preferred Table Placement
    • $1,500

    • Preferred Table Placement
    • $1,000

    • Preferred Table Placement
    • $500

As a sponsor of the 2018 Lavender Law® Conference & Career Fair, organizations must agree not to host any event which may compete with the events scheduled by the National LGBT Bar Association. This includes, but is not limited to, evening receptions, lunch seminars, or other functions targeted at LGBT law students and/or legal professionals.

*The LGBT Bar is a registered nonprofit and as a result works diligently to keep administrative and overhead expenses as low as possible. Accordingly, The Bar asks that your firm, corporation, or organization remits their sponsorship or donation via paper check. If you must use a credit card, please consider making an additional donation of 4% of your remittance to cover processing fees. Thank you.

Glossary and Explanation of Benefits

  • Conference:

    the Annual Conference of the LGBT Bar, Lavender Law, is a two day continuing legal educational event with networking and business development programs.

  • Career Fair:

    this “Table Talk” style event takes place Friday afternoon after the two day conference from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. We expect over 170 entities will recruit at a table with two chairs on each side.

  • Business Development Intensive:

    the Business Development Intensive is a unique all day training for junior associates addressing business development basics including networking, brand building, and how to pitch to corporate counsel. The program includes the opportunity for each participant to prepare and present a mock team pitch to corporate counsel in attendance.

  • Areas of Practice Institutes:

    the event features all-day and half-day programming upon application to advanced practitioners; each institute has its own admission standards. Institutes include the Corporate Counsel Institute, Family Law Institute, Employment Law, Finance Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Transgender Law Institute.

  • 2-Day Tabling Option:

    NEW – limited opportunity! For corporate legal departments and firms who wish to only exhibit during the CLE conference! Sponsors who select the 2-day option are provided with a 6’x18” table, draped, with two chairs for exhibitors on Wednesday and Thursday from 8 AM to 2:30 PM. The tables are set up during the CLE workshops and various networking events on the main floor near registration, as well as the awards luncheons, to garner optimal traffic flow and interaction with all attendees, especially other practitioners and laterals.

  • Access to Corporate Counsel Speed Networking:

    Bronze and higher sponsors will have the opportunity to send attorneys to our Corporate Counsel Speed Networking event. Number of tickets is based on sponsorship level as listed.

  • Access to VIP Sponsor Breakfast with Corporate Counsel:

    Supporter and higher sponsors will have the opportunity to send attorneys to our Corporate Counsel/Top Sponsor Breakfast. Number of tickets are based on sponsor level as listed.

  • Full Page, Inside Cover Ad:

    Available to platinum sponsors on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Full Passes:

    Each sponsorship level allows for full three-day passes to both the conference and the career fair. These passes allow the attendee to access all events excluding “by application only” and “by invitation only” events. Passes include various lunches, receptions, CLE programming, and most other networking events.

  • Job Postings:

    Post open positions to the LGBT Bar’s Job Board for 12 months after your sponsorship commitment! Discounts for postings given based on sponsorship level.

  • Lanyard & Badge Sponsor:

    Logo displayed on either the badge holder or lanyard portion of the conference badges.

  • One Promotional Item in Welcome Bag:

    Sponsors at certain levels have the opportunity to include one item in the welcome bags. This item may not be paper. The sponsor should send at least 1,500 pieces (up to 300 pounds covered by sponsorship, heavier shipments may incur an additional shipping/handling charge).

  • Opportunity to apply early for a workshop panel:

    Ability for diamond level or higher sponsors to submit a workshop proposal prior to official deadline for earlier review by the programming committee.

  • Out & Proud Tickets:

    At designated levels, sponsors will receive corresponding number of tickets to our Out & Proud Receptions. The number of tickets is total per year, not per event.

  • Recruiter Opportunity at Career Fair:

    All sponsors are provided a 6’x18” table, draped, with two chairs for recruiters and two chairs for interviewees on Friday

  • Title Sponsor of Bar at Reception w/ Signature Drink:

    Have your name and logo featured with a sponsorship listing at one of the bars during a conference reception, along with a signature cocktail in your name.

  • Title Sponsor of Breakout Session:

    Have your name listed in program book and app alongside one of our breakout sessions as well as on an easel outside of the breakout session room.

  • Title Sponsor of Charging Station:

    Have your logo featured on one of our mobile phone/tablet charging stations.

  • Title Sponsor of Coffee Break:

    Have your name and logo featured on a sign as the sponsor of a coffee break.

  • Title Sponsor of Hotel Room Key:

    Have your logo featured on the hotel room keys of all attendees who book through our conference room block.

  • Title Sponsor of Mobile App:

    Have an ad featured on the homepage of our conference app. Every time an attendee opens the app, you’ll be the first thing they see!

  • Title Sponsor of Reception or Meal:

    Gold and Platinum level sponsors have the opportunity to sponsor one of the conference receptions or meals on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Title Sponsor of "Welcome" or "See You Next Year" Banner:

    Logo featured along with “Welcome” or “See You Next Year” message on a banner to hang in the conference space.

  • Title Sponsor of Wifi:

    Have your organization name listed in the wifi name for the entire conference. Includes signage providing wifi name and password information.