Voter Suppression Resources

Since 2011, twelve states have enacted strict voter suppression laws. Recently, states have begun to propose and enact legislation that eliminates early voting, requires an ID for all voters and changes residency requirements. These new regulations are meant to lessen voter fraud, but given that the problem is virtually non-existent, the end result is that states are restricting voting opportunities for minorities across the country.

We are trying to raise awareness about how this issue creates obstacles for those who do not have the resources to comply with the new laws, such as the elderly, low-income and minority voters, specifically transgender individuals.

Lecture Series

The LGBT Bar hosted a lecture series examining voter suppression laws in three states across the country. Experts on election law discussed recent litigation and the impact of current laws on the eligible voters. Select a state below to listen to a recording:



Fair Elections Legal Network

  • Voting Rights Center – Learn about voting laws across the country including state-specific voter suppression laws.

Mazzoni Center

Williams Institute

NAACP’s This is My Vote

  • This is My Vote – Educational resources on the recent changes to voting rights laws and who is most affected.

Brennan Center for Justice

National Center for Transgender Equality

Election Protection

Advancement Project