Study Tour to Israel for LGBT Family Law Advocates

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February 15, 2015 |

LGBT families in Israel have significant protections: most marital law rights are granted to cohabiting couples, marriages are recognized, and second parent adoption is allowed, yet campaigns to allow civil union for same-sex couples or civil marriage for all couples have been stalled, surrogacy for gay men is disallowed, and dissolution disputes have no certain venue for adjudication.

The program will include a series of pre-tour phone-in classes on Israeli family law and LGBT advocacy, and a week of half-day meetings in February with Israeli lawyers handling surrogacy cases and same-sex dissolutions, civil rights advocates and scholars and activists working on the core issues in this emerging field. Participants are encouraged to spend additional days on their own (or with other participants) in Israel, or visiting nearby Petra.

The tour will be hosted by Frederick Hertz, an attorney and author based in the San Francisco area, and Elizabeth Schwartz, a family law attorney leading the fight for LGBT rights in Florida. To register to attend, please click here.

Participants will be responsible for their own airfare and hotel/food expenses, including discounted rooms at The Brown Hotel in Tel Aviv, and incidental travel expenses. There will be no charge for the educational programs, and continuing educational credits will be provided. A minimum of eight attendees will need to confirm their participation by June 1st. The tour will occur immediately following the Tel Aviv conference of Men Having Babies.