Nicole Dogwill, President, National LGBT Bar Association Board of Directors

When Nicole Dogwill assumed her position as President of the National LGBT Bar Association’s Board of Directors, she brought with her a wealth of experiences in the legal profession and a unique vision of the organization’s future.

Nicole’s involvement with the LGBT Bar began in 2010 when she attended Lavender Law® to recruit at the Career Fair on behalf of her firm. She was impressed with the organization and its mission to promote equality for the LGBT community through…

  • 25 Mar, 2014
  • Liz Youngblood
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Jason Gibson, Associate General Counsel, Equity One, Inc.

Jason Gibson represents the best of the legal profession. His career and involvement with the LGBT Bar have given him a unique perspective on being out in the profession and in working with a truly diverse group of attorneys. Jason’s professional development has prepared him to represent the best and the brightest in the legal profession.

Jason was recently hired as Associate General Counsel at Equity One, Inc., one of the nation’s premier real estate investment organizations, focusing mainly on…

  • 10 Jan, 2014
  • Kelly Simon
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