Nicole Dogwill, President, National LGBT Bar Association Board of Directors

When Nicole Dogwill assumed her position as President of the National LGBT Bar Association’s Board of Directors, she brought with her a wealth of experiences in the legal profession and a unique vision of the organization’s future.

Nicole’s involvement with the LGBT Bar began in 2010 when she attended Lavender Law® to recruit at the Career Fair on behalf of her firm. She was impressed with the organization and its mission to promote equality for the LGBT community through the legal profession. Eager to become more involved, she was elected as an At-Large member of the Board of Directors and then served as Treasurer before being elected President this year.

Nicole is currently a litigation partner at a firm in San Francisco.  She advises established and emerging growth/start-up companies, as well as their directors and officers, on matters involving fiduciary duty, corporate governance, securities, fraud, antitrust/unfair business practices and related business claims.  She has significant experience advising and litigating claims involving directors, officers, trustees and all other fiduciaries, including those claims that arise in trust and estate matters.

As the LGBT Bar’s newest Board President, Nicole is focusing on the professional development opportunities for all members and supporters. “I like to think of the LGBT Bar as an organization that supports the entire arc of your career,” said Nicole. In her experience recruiting at the Lavender Law Career Fair, she recognized the value for law students in being able to speak one-on-one with leading law firms across the country.

While Nicole noted that Lavender Law “brings together LGBT attorneys at the beginning of their career,” law students are far from the only demographic served. Young lawyers benefit from being able to attend workshops on cutting edge issues that impact their practices and understanding of the law. More established attorneys and corporate counsel take advantage of networking opportunities to build their professional contacts and expand their knowledge of different legal fields.

During Nicole’s first few months as President, she is committed to advancing the mission of the organization while enhancing connections with legal professionals across the country. With states like Arizona and Mississippi trying to pass bills that would allow businesses to use their religious beliefs to deny service to LGBT customers, it is important to continue fighting for equality. Nicole’s vision for the LGBT Bar is to “grow internally and externally by working with affiliate organizations to further equality not just for LGBT attorneys but for LGBT people as a whole.”

Nicole is uniquely equipped to lead the organization to new heights during her presidency. Nicole’s goal for her time leading the Board is to “build and strengthen the network for the LGBT legal community so we continue to have a stronger voice in the profession.” In working together with local affiliated organizations and bigger law firms and corporations, Nicole will provide the LGBT Bar with the core support it needs to expand on the successes of the past 26 years.

  • 25 Mar, 2014
  • Liz Youngblood

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