Reactions to the 2016 Election

As our community moves forward from last night’s election results, we wanted to share the thoughts of some of our members:

“Since 1992, when I opened my law practice, I have dedicated my efforts to the creation of LGBTQ legal rights and protection of LGBTQ families. Then, I was the only attorney in Douglas County, Kansas, openly working on those issues. Great advances have been made and others have joined the battle. But with the election of a firmly dedicated anti-LGBTQ rights president, I fear for the future. I pledge to continue to fight to protect LGBTQ persons and families in all ways. We cannot go back.”

David J. Brown
The Law Offices of David J. Brown, LC
Lawrence, Kansas

“Since 2007, when I co-founded Bowen Lambda,  the LGBT law student group at the Bowen School of Law in Little Rock, and subsequently opened my law practice in 2009, I have dedicated my efforts to supporting the LGBT community,  advocating for LGBT legal rights and protection of LGBT families. Great advances have been made, others have joined the battle, and I have been privileged to make new friends whom I now call family . . .  We cannot go back. We must go forward together!”

Michael V. Lauro, Jr.
Lauro Law, PLLC
Little Rock, AR