Protecting the Legal Services Corporation

Two weeks ago, President Trump introduced his budget recommendations, including the complete elimination of the Legal Services Corporation (LSC).

The Legal Services Corporation is essential to the fair and equal treatment of all in the legal system. Established by Congress in 1974, LSC ensures that those who could not otherwise afford it receive legal assistance. Funding more than 130 nonprofit legal aid programs, LSC protects legal access for the underserved and underrepresented.

The Legal Services Corporation needs complete funding of its request – nothing else is acceptable in this budget process. If LSC loses any funds, the underprivileged and disadvantaged suffer. Times of political unrest lead to an increased need for legal services, and those most in need will lose without LSC funding. Eliminating anything at all from The Legal Services Corporation is dangerous and destructive to the legal sphere and our community as a whole.

Act today. Contact your Members of Congress and tell them that the Legal Services Corporation matters. Let them know that you view LSC funding as a necessity in this year’s budget.