Sponsorship Opportunities 2017

Sponsor BenefitsPlatinum
Full Passes (1)1086442
Recruiting Opportunity Table at Career Fair
One Promotional Item (Swag) in Welcome Bag (2)
Inside CoverFull Page, ColorHalf Page, B&WHalf Page, B&WHalf Page, B&WQuarter Page, B&W
Out & Proud Tickets (4)66442
Job Postings12 month free use (up to 10 job postings)6 month free use (up to 5 job postings)40% discount on listings per package30% discount on listings per package25% discount on listings per package
Access to Corporate Counsel Programming
Listing with Exclusive Sponsored Event in Printed Program Book
Premium Placing for career fair
Logo Placement on Home Page12 Months Premium Spot12 Months Premium12 Months Prominent
Dedicated email feature story to 10,000 person list
Logo projected at designated sponsored event (Gobo) (5)
Speaking opportunity
VIP/Top Sponsor reception
Ad Placement on Career Fair Map
Lanyards *
Name Badge Holders *
Title Sponsor of Lunch *
Exhibitors Table Near Registration Desk for the Duration of Conference
Title Sponsor of Welcome Reception
  1. “Full Passes” include passes to all conference activities, including evening events.
  2. No paper materials.
  3. Program Ad can be upgraded to next size for $2,500.00.
  4. Held throughout the year in various cities throughout the nation. Amount of tickets per year.
  5. Please provide logo disk

* Limited first sponsor to pledge


    • Title Sponsor of Bar Location at Receptions w/ Signature Drink
    • $15,000

    • Title Sponsor of Welcome Banner
    • $10,000

    • Title Sponsor of “See You Next Year” Banner
    • $10,000

    • Title Sponsor of Wifi
    • $10,000

    • Title Sponsor of Mobile App
    • $10,000

    • Title Sponsor of Hotel Room Key
    • $10,000

    • Title Sponsor of Charging Station
    • $5000

    • Title Sponsor Coffee Breaks
    • $3,000 each

    • Logo Listing on Lunch Menu
    • $2,500

    • Logo Listing at Career Fair Lunch
    • $2,500

    • Title Sponsor of Breakout Room
    • $2,500

    • Title Sponsor of Airport Transportation
    • $2,000